Regular Beers

Overall Champion Beer SIBA South East Region 2014
The Merchant's Ale 4% mild Kentish stout.  
Tasting notes - A smooth, mild stout with gentle roast malts and soft fruity hop notes and a clean fruity finish.
The Pardoner's Ale 3.8%  pale ale
Tasting notes: A light pale ale, honey notes giving way to spicy, orange & citrus hops
The Miller's Ale 4.2% red best bitter
Tasting notes: A rich red bitter with toffee malts, rich fruity hops and a smooth bitter finish
The Wife of Bath's Ale 3.9% golden bitter 
Tasting notes: A crisp spicy golden bitter with citrus hops and a long dry finish

The Reeve's Ale 4.1%  copper bitter
Tasting notes:A tawny copper best bitter with nutty malts and berry fruit hops

The Knight's Ale 4.6% dark ruby bitter
Tasting notes: A dark and complex malt base with roast and toffee notes, and a classic "Goldings" hop finish